The Jacob Grey Custom Difference

The Jacob Grey Custom Difference

Why should you choose a Jacob Grey 1911 handgun over other options in the marketplace?

Unlike most other 1911s, Jacob Grey Custom .45 caliber 1911s are not mass produced. Each is individually handcrafted, custom made specifically for its owner. Jacob Grey Custom offers more options than any other 1911 currently available. Choose from one of five base models – The Liberty, The Revolution, The Justice, The Heritage, or The Patriot – and we customize the model to your specifications and intended use.

Two innovations in our manufacturing process make our guns stand out from the crowd.

First, our gunsmiths are experienced aerospace machinists, and we use the same manufacturing equipment that cuts ultra-precise airplane and missile parts to produce our gun parts. This means our parts come off the equipment, easily slide together, and owners never experience the rattling and clanking that comes with loosely aligned parts. To further ensure consistency and precision, grain direction of the metal is matched for every part. The parts are machined to the tightest tolerance thermal expansion allows and quality checked throughout the process.

Second, all of our materials are sourced in the USA and fabricated using 4140 or stainless billet steel. Using billet rather than cast or forged steel is important since raw billet steel ensures a stronger and more durable finished product; 4140 steel is known for its strength, wear resistance, and toughness. Read more about why billet steel is preferred to cast or forged steel when manufacturing a quality gun.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I have shot many guns prior to my purchase of a JGC 1911 handgun, but there is no comparison at all to other manufacturers’ guns. With the Jacob Grey Custom gun, I am more accurate than with any gun I’ve ever shot in my life. It is very tight and looks great, and the customer service is definitely better than anything I’ve seen. I could not give a higher recommendation to this product. This is definitely the best there is out there."

    Aaron Twitty, Gun Owner