The spirit of the 1776 patriots is personified in the JGC .45 Revolution. Crafted with a frame of 416 stainless steel and a 4140 billet steel slide, it illustrates the fullest expression of your Second Amendment rights. Available with a chrome frame and your choice of slide finishes, no other gun on the market meets the standard set by this individually machined, hand assembled weapon of choice for proud Americans. Don’t just start a revolution. Own one!

Starting at $3,358

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I have a weakness for a sexy looking gun, especially if you can stick a .45 cartridge in it. My SC-3.5 (the carry version) looks like it should stay on display over a fireplace, but looks aren't everything. It's very functional as a "carry" gun, and somehow the 3.5" barrel and lightweight frame soak up recoil. Love this gun."

    Fred Shipley, Shipley Law Firm